«What breakup did to Gigi!»: Paparazzi showed what the iconic model looks like in real life without retouching

The fans hardly recognized one of the most in-demand models in paparazzi photos 🤔😱

The appearance of one of the most in-demand and successful models of our time was changed after she embraced motherhood. The arrival of her daughter was a completely new caption in her life. She now prioritized her heiress over the career.

After the birth of her baby, many started to think that their favorite model would hardly return to the catwalk. Given the fact that she has a genetic predisposition to obesity, her comeback came as a big surprise for everyone.

Apart from this, her scandalous breakup with Z. Malik also had its impact on the star’s health and appearance. The model found enough courage to move forward and now delights the fans again.

Though her preference on the red carpet and other events often falls on glamorous and, to some extent, extravagant clothes, her everyday style is the complete opposite, She is often dressed in comfy outfits and sports shoes.

One of her most recent looks was in a graphite-colored tight shorts T-shirt with maxi denim shorts and stylish Adidas sneakers. The sunglasses, elegant necklaces and a floral-print shoulder bag perfectly complemented her image.

Let’s wish her strength and patience in such a hard and challenging period of her life. She really deserves happiness.


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