«What a breathtaking beauty!» Monica Bellucci’s 18-year-old daughter is driving everyone crazy with her stunning beauty  

This is how Bellucci’s daughter looks!  😳😍

The daughter of Monica Bellucci leaves everyone speechless with her beauty and charm. The girl has a strong resemblance to her famous mother, and it’s what attracts fans strongly.

This beauty continues to amaze netizens with her breathtaking photos, which frequently appear on her Instagram account.

Deva is already 18 and she has tried her first steps in modeling and acting just like her mother. Fans are sure she will become as talented as her mother, because it’s obvious that the girl inherited her mother’s good qualities.

Although Deva is still 18, she has already received a great number of offers to take part in shooting for famous brands and other projects.

The girl herself is trying hard to achieve her goal on her own.

What do you think about this beauty? Does she look like her mother?

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