«They did not inherit the beauty of their mother». Brooke Shields posed on the beach with her two daughters  

Brooke Shields‘ daughters appearance was highly debated by fans  😳😍

The two adorable daughters of Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy have appeared in the center of the discussion. Their amazing appearance attracts everyone’s attention on social media, especially after their mother posted a cute photo with them.

The girls have always been away from social networks, and now they have become real beauties.

Fans’ opinions about the girls’ appearance are different: many of them think they are as beautiful as their star mother, but others claim that they inherited nothing from their stunning mother.

Even some of them find their appearance strange. They are attracted by their mother’s beauty and charm. How she can look so amazing at this age!

What can you say about the girls’ appearance? Do you think they look like their mother or not?

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