«The Thorn Birds» actors 36 years later!: Here are the legendary stars of the hit 1980s’ series

This is what the years have done to the actors and actresses of «The Thorn Birds» 🧐🤔

The release of the series immediately captivated everyone in the world. It was definitely a success and became a hit series widely watched at that time. Many are wondering how the actors and actresses have changed since then.

It doesn’t matter how many times you watch it, you will enjoy it, anyway. The viewers get emotional many times during the development of the romantic relationship of the protagonists. Now, here they are 36 years later.

R. Chamberlain

He now writes books, draws paintings and is interested in music. However, he hasn’t got married and is still alone.

R. Ward

She successfully became a director being happily married and having three kids.

B. Brown

His contribution to the industry can barely be overestimated. He has been married for over 30 years and has an heiress.

P. Laurie

For her incredible talent and dedication, she was even nominated for an Oscar.

Ch, Plummer

He was and will always be a fantastic actor.

B. Cullen

This is how he has changed over time!

J. Simmons

This is what years have done to incredible beauty!

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