«The fate of Swayze’s widow»: This is how Swayze’s widow looks and lives after the departure of her husband

Here is Swayze’s widow and the billionaire she married after the actor’s departure 🧐🤔

Everyone probably knows this prominent American actor who left the world at the age of 58, twelve years ago. Throughout his life, he remained faithful to his one and the only wife.

The incredible love story of the «Ghost» film star and Lisa may serve as a prime example of what real love looks like. Even after 34 years of being happily married, they still looked at each other with endless love and passion.

It was in the late 1970s when their paths crossed. At that time, the man was 20 and the girl was only 15. Unlike the other girls in the ballet group, only Lisa was indifferent towards him and it was her cold-bloodedness that attracted him.

In 1975 the couple tied the knot. There were ups and downs in their family and career. They had to overcome the loss of a child. Despite all this, they kept being together and fight for their happiness.

Later in life, they ventured into a business together. The spouses shared a lot of common interests together. However, Patrick soon started to struggle with alcohol addiction and the loss of his father made him even weaker.

The days of the «Dirty Dancing» star were already numbered. He could live a year and a half and then left his fans in tears and sorrow. As Lisa knew that her husband wanted her to continue living a normal life, she did so.

In 2012, she met a billionaire and soon they got married. Currently, she fully enjoys her life with a wealthy jeweler in Florida. Her partner’s is Albert DePrisco.

Though she is already married to another man, she still cherishes the fond memories with her late hu

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