«The beauty and the beast!»: Here are show business couples with a huge difference in height

In this article you will see famous couples with a huge difference in height 😳🧐

There is a great number of men who prefer girls and women with a small height who are associated with children of whom they can take care of. For many famous couples in show business, the big difference in height didn’t play a crucial role.

Despite this, they suit each other perfectly and look absolutely happy and harmonious together.

Shakira and G. Pique

Ch. Ricci and J, Heerdegen

L. Bonet and J. Momoa

J. Pinkett-Smith and W. Smith

K. Bell and D. Shepherd

E. Pataky and Ch. Hemsworth

J. Simpson and E. Johnson

R. Witherspoon and J. Toth

M. Kunis and A. Kutcher


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