«Swollen veins, a wrinkled neck and a face of a granny»: The noticeably aged look of Beckham caused a stir

Beckham horrified the fans with her aged appearance at the Jacquemus show 😳😮

No one would deny that this 48-year-old designer looks much younger than her age. She delights fans with her timeless beauty, attractiveness and a sense of style. The former «Spicy Girls» star often appears in bold and glamorous outfits.

Her recent appearance in a revealing dress with bare shoulders and arms came as a big surprise for everyone. The designer’s wrinkled neck and swollen veins on the arms left everyone on the show speechless.

Many claimed that though she tries to look younger, her hands betray her real age. A lot of signs of aging were visible and her appearance became the topic of discussions.

The supporters of the designer suggest that those swollen veins may be connected with her drastic weight loss. Do you think so?

David is still madly in love with her and for him she is the best and the only one.

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