«Old love does not rust!»: The appearance of Mirren and her husband at a fashion party deserves special attention

78-year-old Mirren and her husband show the young what real passion looks like 🤗❤️

Some people meet the love of their life in their teen years, while H. Mirren found her love at 52 and is still absolutely happy with him. The Oscar-winning actress is already 78 and looks simply fantastic for her age.

The key to their unfading love and harmonious relationship is that they got to know each other when they were already fully developed individuals. They were mature and had respect for each other.

The spouses don’t have any children. Yet, the man has two sons from his previous relationship whom Mirren loves so much and is a loving grandmother for them.

The recent appearance of the legendary spouses at a fashion show in Venice drew everyone’s attention. They looked crazy in love and couldn’t help looking at each other.

Their love seems to be something beyond and serves as a prime example for many.

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