«Not the best choice, for sure!»: Affleck’s and Garner’s heiress was criticized for her unsuccessfully chosen outfit  

This is the outfit for which Affleck’s and Garner’s daughter was criticized 🤔😳

Meet Violet, B. Affleck’s and J. Garner’s heiress whom her celebrity parents have always been trying to keep away from the public eye. The whole thing is that the paparazzi first spotted the girl in kindergarten and she got scared.

Jennifer is truly a caring and dedicated mother for whom the protection of her children is in the first place. Violet doesn’t have any social media or even a computer.

She very rarely appears on the red carpet or events, but paparazzi never cease to catch her whenever and wherever they see her. The recent photos quickly caused mixed reactions on the network.

This time, she appeared in a white dress with a polka-dot print which didn’t suit her at all according to the fans.

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