«Maybe she forgets that she is almost 90». Photos of Joan Collins in the swimming pool left fans speechless  

Joan Collins doesn’t care about her age 😳🧐

Famous actress Joan Collins from Great Britain doesn’t stop attracting us with her amazing look. Recall that the star is nearly 90, but she proudly shows of her body in swimsuits, without paying attention to her age.

When Joan posted a stunning photo of herself in the swimming pool, fans remained speechless. The 89-year-old actress seemed to be 50. She posed in front of camera with a proud facial expression, as if she wanted to prove to everyone that she is not aging.

Joan told her fans that she has a great time with her friends in the pool. It was a nice day, and she was really happy and satisfied.

Although the star got many words of admiration and amazement, there were critics, who found her look inappropriate for her age.

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