«It’s not hard to guess whose children they are». The children of Robin Wright and Sean Penn are in the spotlight of the paparazzi  

This is what the stars’ children look like 🤔🧐

Many of you know Robin Wright and Sean Penn, who are not called the most loving couple, but they are very talented and respected by many.

Their love story is already 20 years old, but they had many difficulties before.

The couple shares two adorable children: Dylan Francis, who was born in 1991, and Hopper, who was born in 1993, have a strong resemblance to their famous parents.

The girl looks like her mother and the boy inherited not only his father’s appearance, but also character and temperament.

Dylan has created a successful career both in acting and modeling. Of course with the help of her parents, she has already appeared in various movies and other projects. Fans are sure she will become a well-known actress very soon.

Hopper Penn is also trying his first attempts in acting and has many plans for the near future.

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