«It’s a crime to look this hot at 40!»: The fans could find no words to describe the timeless beauty of Hathaway

Hathaway flaunts her flawless body on a yacht and drove men crazy with her hotness 😳😍

There is probably no one who doesn’t know this popular, successful and desirable actress A. Hathaway. The timeless beauty, attractiveness and femininity of this film star never ceases to captivate everyone.

These days, she has been caught on a yacht by paparazzi. Anne gave her preference to a tiny bikini that emphasized their stunning forms.

Her flawless body and glowing skin literally left people speechless. Many started to claim that she possesses a figure of an 18-year-old girl and has no plans to age.

Some sincerely admired the movie star wondering how she has maintained her beauty and youthfulness. A lot of people call her «a witch» for her inability to get old.

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