«It’s a crime to look this good at 74!»: This is what «The Devil Wears Prada» star looks like today

Meryl Streep has no plans to age and still delights the fans with her timeless beauty 🥹😍

«The Devil Wears Prada» is widely watched for not only beautiful A. Hathaway, but also for this prominent and successful actress M. Streep. The three-time Oscar winning actress has received no less than 20 nominations of the prestigious award.

The appearance of the Hollywood star has always been the subject of discussions. Any time she appeared on the red carpet or other remarkable events, she managed to deeply impress everyone with her timeless beauty.

This time, she pleasantly surprised everyone at the Broadway premiere of «Pictures from Home» that took place in New York.

It stands to reason that for a 73-year-old woman, Streep looks much younger and still amazing. Her stylish outfit in a velvet jacket, vibrant red pants and black shoes made a deep impression on everyone.

The perfect complement to her outfit became her elegant leather bag and luxurious earrings. Many called her a young soul in an aging body.


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