«Impossible not to fall in love!»: This is what the absolutely unique twins with different eye colors look like now

Here are the twins with different eye colors 12 years later 😮🤔

Can you recall Morgan and Megan? They are the unique twins born in 2011 who became overall-known once their mother shared their pictures and everyone started to sincerely admire their beauty.

One of the most distinguishing features is that they were born with different eye colors. They inherited the sky-blue color from their charming mother and the brown eyes from their father.

On social media, they have no less than 1 million followers who can’t get enough of them and appreciate their exceptional beauty.

Frequently, their mother shares pictures of them and people fall in love with the unique duo again and again.

Their mother does their hair and makeup so as their photos will attract more and more people and this, seemingly, works.

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