«How he could replace Bellucci with her!». Paparazzi captured French comedian Cassel and his young wife on the beach  

Cassel and Tina are in the center of discussions 😳😱

People began to discuss one of the most amazing couples in the world, French comedian Cassel and his stunning wife. They are strongly devoted to each other and attract everyone with their deep love and respect.

They appeared at the center of discussions mostly for their big age difference: Cassel is 51 years old, while Tina is 21. However, the couple adores each other, and it’s the most important thing in their relationship.

Recall that Cassel was the previous husband of Monica Bellucci. They divorced after being married for 14 years.

The paparazzi spotted Cassel and Tina having a rest on the beach. They looked happy and satisfied together. But there were people, who criticized Cassel for his taste, saying that Monica was better.

However, the couple doesn’t pay attention to criticism and enjoys their new happy life together.

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