«Folds of fat, big hips and a huge face!»: The way iconic singer Del Rey has changed raised questions

The fans refused to believe that this chubby and unattractive woman is Lana Del Rey 😱😳

The way this outstanding singer has changed let nobody stay indifferent. In the recent paparazzi photos, she looks totally unrecognizable.

However, before judging and criticizing the popular singer, let’s see that there could be things in her life none of us might be aware of.

There is actually no one who is getting younger. It is completely okay that she is an ordinary person as we are and has the absolute right to.

It is important to remember that weight changes can be associated with poor health, mental disorders as well as genetics.  It wouldn’t be fair of us to judge her without knowing what has happened to the iconic singer.

Let’s support the singer and wish her all the best since she, undoubtedly, deserves that.

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