«Dad’s genes did their job!»: Paparazzi caught Ledger’s heiress who is the exact copy of her father

Here is Heath Ledger’s grown-up daughter photos 😱🤔

Here is Matilda Rose Ledger, legendary H. Ledger’s daughter, who will soon turn 18. For those who don’t know, the girl was only 2 when her dad passed away. Even after 15 years, the girl cherishes the fond memories of her late father.

She is the heiress of Ledger and M. Williams. The mother of the girl still does everything to keep her away from the public eye. Paparazzi never miss a chance to capture the teenage girl whenever she appears in public.

Currently, she lives with her mother, stepfather and two siblings. Matilda still keeps in touch with her father’s relatives and often visits them.

She has inherited both her mother’s and father’s features and qualities, yet what concerns the appearance, she is the exact copy of her dad.

Despite her extra weight, she looks so charming and can let hardly anyone stay indifferent towards her.

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