«Better than fillers and botox»: Shakira’s natural and simple look continues to attract fans  

Shakira’s photos without makeup are more preferred by people 🤔🧐

43-year-old Shakira remains loyal to natural beauty unlike many celebrities, who try to maintain their youthful appearance through plastic surgeries and other beauty injections.

The star does not seem to age over the years and it is primarily due to her genes.

Shakira doesn’t keep a strict diet or do regular trainings, for her dancing is in the first place, due to which she manages to keep her appearance stunning and youthful.

Apart from it, she is a loving mother for her two sons. She takes care of them perfectly.

In her everyday life, she chooses quite comfortable outfits, like jeans and T-shirts, without makeup and special hairstyle.

She always attracts her fans with her youthful appearance, sharing spicy photos of herself. In general, she looks 10 years younger than her actual age.

She proves to everyone that women can keep their beauty and charm just in natural way, without applying for plastic surgeries and other beauty procedures.

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