«Aged, but charming»: 55-year-old Samantha Fox has changed beyond recognition  

Here’s how the most attractive star of the 80s looks now  🧐🤔

The name of Samantha Fox became well-known especially after her song Touch Me. She became many people’s favourite and her songs have been heard all over the world.

Besides having a great singing talent, she was one of the most stunning and charming women of the 80s.

She had a wonderful figure and was frequently invited to take part in the shooting. Surprisingly the star is already 55, but she still remains everyone’s favorite.

Age-related spots and wrinkles are noticeable on her face, and it’s quite normal as she is not young anymore. However, fans appreciate her elegance and beauty and express their amazement and admiration in the comments.

Of course, along with her fans, many critics do not consider her beautiful and think that her time has already passed.

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