«Spilled the tea!»: The heiress of the «Terminator» star honestly spoke about her uneasy childhood

Schwarzenegger’s daughter spilled the tea and admitted that her dad humiliated her 😳😱

It is worth mentioning that this prominent, successful and celebrated actor has five children. Recently, his eldest heiress shared some astonishing things about her legendary father.

The 33-year-old daughter of the star of «Terminator» shared that she had a tough childhood. His father already enjoyed his high status and overall fame when the little girl went to school.

«My dad used to drive us to school in a Hummer that had no windows, doors, or a roof, so that’s the only time I can really recall thinking «Okay, that’s odd». I asked him to drop me off down the street as he drew close to the structure.

At this point she clearly understood that something was wrong and felt that she was not like the others.

However, she realized that being the daughter of such an esteemed and renowned actor was nothing but a blessing.

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