«She looks older than her real age»: Brooke Shields appeared at the event with her 16-year-old daughter  

It would be better not to grow up artificially 🤔🧐

Who remembers Brooke Shields from the movie «The Blue Lagoon»? And do you know that there’s another beauty just like her? Her adorable daughter, 16-year-old Grier, participated in the show of Song Jong Wan in the fashion metropolis of the United States with her famous mother.

The pretty girl had chosen a bolder outfit than her mother, but they both were looking gorgeous. They seems to be sisters, because Grier looks older than her actual age.

They posed together on the red carpet, and when their photos were shared on the Internet, netizens hurried to express their opinions about them.

Many people were impressed by Grier’s beauty and charm, while others criticized her for looking older and dressing inappropriately for her age.

Now it’s your turn to write your opinion about the girl’s appearance.

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