«Nothing but silicone!»: The fans of the «Jennifer’s Body» star were dissatisfied with the results of her recent surgeries 

Even fans could no longer endure Fox’s obsession with silicone and fillers 😱😳

The beauty procedures this outstanding and desirable actress has ever undergone has no count anymore. Even her fans can no longer accept the fact that nothing but silicone is seen in her most recent photos.

The iconic star of «Jennifer’s Body» lost her naturalness and individuality according to a great number of network users. She ceased to be unique and stand out in public.

«You won’t see anything creepier than this today!», «No gram of uniqueness!», «What did she do to her face?», «The younger version of Kim Kardashian!».

Among the surgeries the popular movie star has undergone include numerous breast augmentation.

Far not all the fans were satisfied with their idol’s «artificial» face and rushed to heavily criticize her.


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