«No trace of the former iconic beauty!»: This is what the world’s most attractive stars look like today

It is hard to believe that these grannies and grandpas once stole millions of hearts 🥹😳

Believe it or not, these aged and wrinkled grannies and grandpas once were real heartthrobs towards whose beauty, allure and attractiveness it was difficult to stay indifferent. They were simply adored by the opposite sex and won many hearts.

Of course, some of them, in pursuit of eternal youth, took an attempt to age beautifully and underwent plastic surgeries. The others embraced natural aging. Sadly enough, their former beauty is far not the same anymore.

G. Depardieu

M. Griffith

K. Basinger

B. Bardot

M. Ryan

M. Rourke

M. Mercier

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