«No one has seen her like this!»: Paparazzi caught makeup-free Rihanna in a wet bikini on the yacht

The fans could hardly recognize their favorite Rihanna with no makeup and in a bikini 😳🤔

Rihanna is among the talented, renowned and successful performers who always look amazing both with or without preparation on the carpet or on the streets, in fancy dresses or causal clothes.

However, there are people who haven’t seen her without cosmetics yet and what they will see now will undeniably surprise them. The iconic woman has recently promoted her own cosmetics line

Her flawless skin and impeccable body pleasantly surprise the supporters of the performer. It stands to reason that she looked literally gorgeous even without cosmetics, yet some were not really satisfied.

It was quite clear that the paparazzi photos were not retouched and showed the legendary star the way she actually was. However, she still looked her best and delighted the followers.

What are your thoughts on this great singer’s natural appearance?

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