«No one expected to see her this way»: Anne Hathaway surprised the audience with her hot look

Seeing her in such a spicy outfit is really amazing! 🥹😍

40-year-old Anne Hathaway appeared at the Versace fashion show in a spicy look. No one expected to see her in such a bold outfit, but the actress decided to surprise fans.

Along with other celebrities, Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Vittoria Ceretti, Irina Shayk, Jill Kortlev, Emily Ratajkowski, and Gigi Hadid, she remained in the spotlight of attendees.

Her black mini dress highlighted her slim legs and charming figure.

Recall that she is a mother of two adorable children, but it never disturbs her to look beautiful and attractive. She takes care of her appearance perfectly.

Netizens were stunned by her look and filled the comments with nice words. They expressed their admiration for her hot outfit and self-confidence.

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