«No DNA test is needed!»: This is what one of the most attractive Mexican actresses’ mother looks like

After the photos of Hayek’s mother, the fans fall in love with her at first sight 🥹😍

This actress is among the hottest, most successful and famous ones who never ceases to captivate the entire world with her timeless beauty and unearthly charm. She is quite active on social media and often shares new photos and videos.

These days, the family headed to a restaurant to celebrate the actress’s mother’s birthday. Salma was with her mother and aunt. They looked incredibly like each other, especially her charming mother.

The outstanding film star was wearing a black sweater and «no-makeup» makeup giving her fans one more chance to sincerely admire her.

«The family of models!», «I haven’t seen more beautiful women in my whole life!», «No DNA test is needed here», «Their charm and femininity drive me crazy!».

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