«It’s a crime to look this hot in the 50s!»: Celebrating their first anniversary, Ben and Lopez were caught on a date

Lopez flaunts her amazing legs in a mini dress while on a date with her husband 😱😳

To celebrate their first year of being officially married, J. Lopez and B. Affleck were having a romantic dinner in a popular Italian restaurant located in Santa Monica.

Her spicy white dress with sparkling rhinestones complemented with elegant high-heeled sandals made a splash among the netizens. Her glamorous makeup and gorgeous dark hair weren’t unnoticed at all.

What concerns Ben, he was dressed in a casual look opting a black T-shirt and matching trousers.

They definitely enjoyed their time together with their kids In Beverly Hills. For those who don’t know, they got married in Las Vegas in August, 2022.

Photographers were lucky enough to capture them together and the photos immediately went viral. What do you think about her outfit?

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