«In the 2000s before becoming a blonde!»: This is what legendary Klum looked like in her youth

Only a few know that Klum hasn’t always been an iconic blonde as she is now 🧐🤔

There is no denying that H. Klum has always been one of the most successful, desirable and renowned models of all time. Meanwhile, far not everyone has seen her during her early career years.

The way she looked like in the 2000s won’t let anyone stay indifferent. She looked completely different and was not a blonde yet. Now her gorgeous blond hair is one of the distinguishing lines that stands her out in public.

What concerns her personal life, she was married twice and had four children. Her mesmerizing eyes and blonde hair give her, even more, charm adding more allure and femininity.

The third husband of the model was T. Kaulitz, one of the iconic members of Tokio Hotel who is 16 years younger than her.

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