«How did they manage to get through all this?»: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s love story, a terrible illness and a happy ending  

Difficulties only brought their family together 🥹❤️

If you have a loving family, you are surely a winner. It’s very important to create a firm family full of love and respect. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are among the most respected couples in Hollywood, who managed to build a strong bond and now live together happily.

They first met in 1981 and fell in love with each other at first sight, but at first they were unable to announce their relationship, as the actor was married.

They began to date secretly and managed to hide their relationship from the public for over two years. Then the stars decided to present themselves as a couple, without thinking about the consequences.

They got married successfully and became parents after a while. But there was one big problem which disturbed the couple to live happily. Rita Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer, which made the couple pass through many difficulties.

After fighting for the illness for a long time and getting all the appropriate treatment, Rita’s condition became better. She was brave enough and thanks to her strong will and her husband’s great efforts, she overcame the disease and became completely healthy and strong.

Now their family is 30 years old and they continue to live together in love and respect.

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