«From an angelic beauty to a wax figure!»: Kidman ceased to look like herself after a series of plastic surgeries

The fans hardly recognized Kidman after her most recent plastic surgeries 😲😳

N. Kidman has always been one of the most desirable, influential and alluring stars in Hollywood. Even at her 54, she still dazzles the entire world with her unfading beauty and unearthly femininity.

Yet, one thing that should undoubtedly be taken into consideration is that she has undergone a series of operations to enhance her appearance.

One of her most recent photos where she appears shortly after another operation immediately went viral and still surfaces on the network.

Among the beauty procedures she has undergone are lip augmentation, full facelift and eyelid lift. People hold the opinion that she simply can’t accept her age-related changes and is not among those who embrace natural aging.

Feel free to share your honest thoughts about the Hollywood star!

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