«Daring and elegant!»: Nicole Kidman chose a bold look for the evening  

No one could take their eyes off her  😳😍

55-year-old Nicole Kidman participated in the Chanel Dinner in Los Angeles. She was gorgeous in her bold outfit. Everyone was stunned by her beauty and charm.

Who can imagine that she is already 55? She looks 10 times younger.

In her black mini dress she looked like a real angel. Her ponytail hair and nude makeup gave her a gorgeous look. She took a sexy pose that can capture every man’s heart. Her slim legs and pretty figure can’t remain unnoticed.

Besides looking great, she seemed quite self-confident and daring.

When she posted these wonderful photos on social media, fans remained speechless. This woman is a miracle!

Do you appreciate her youthful appearance? Share your opinion in the comments.

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