«Children are simply their copies». This is what the children of one of Hollywood’s most respected couples look like

Fans are delighted with the children’s appearance 🤗🥹

At the age of 8, Jason Momoa first saw Lisa Bonet on TV and promised himself to meet her one day. He was really captured by her beauty and charm.

It sounds incredible, but 18 years later Jason and Lisa met at a party and their romance started since then. It became fatal for the couple and still now they love and respect each other and are known all over the world as one of the most loving couples of all time.

Although Lisa is 12 years younger than Jason, their bond is very strong. They adore each other and have created a firm family full of love and respect.

The couple had two adorable children, who inherited their parents’ good features and now look wonderful. Fans are impressed by their beauty and try to keep them in their spotlight.

Although according to some rumours, the couple has problems in their personal life and they want to divorce, fans are sure they will overcome all the difficulties and will keep their beautiful family strong till the end.

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