«Back to the old and gold days!»: Seriously ill Willis’s heiresses from Moore shared touching archive photos

Here are rare photos of Willis and his daughters from the archive 🤗🥹

No one will probably ask who this man is. Everyone knows that he is a renowned and celebrated actor. Willis has five daughters: three from his first wife and two from his second one. The man’s heiresses have lately shared some archive pics.

The eldest one is Rumer who has almost always been with his famous dad on the set of action films. By posting these heartwarming photos, she expressed her gratitude to him. Scout is the youngest one who also couldn’t remain silent.

She shared an old photo too. The images from the archive delighted the followers of the girls.

Though Willis will hardly ever see these pics on social media, the girls, anyway, found it appropriate to express their gratitude to their dear father.

Interestingly enough, the actor’s ex and current wives are in a good relationship.


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