«At 68 looks even hotter than in his 20s!»: What Hollywood actor Costner looks like now will surprise everyone

Costner still wins hearts and shows what a man in his 60s should look like

Many believe that this prominent and successful actor looks even hitter than in his youth. The movie star managed to maintain his charm and handsomeness over the years and still steals the hearts of women.

He has been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most desirable and in-demand figures whom millions literally adored. Though the man has changed a lot since then, he still wins female hearts with his ageless handsomeness and attractiveness.

The recent photos of the star caused a stir becoming the subject of discussions.

«He has no plans to age yet!», «This is what aging like wine looks like!», «He still knows how to surprise women!».

Despite the fact many age-related changes including his grayed hair and wrinkles appeared, he looks good and is ready again to conquer hearts.

It was with the movie «The Bodyguard» that he gained overall fame and recognition. He excellently played a security guard who attracted lots of women.


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