«A plump, curly-haired girl has turned into a real beauty». Here’s what «Curly Sue» looks like 30 years later

E. Porter after 30 years! 🧐🤔

Who has watched the famous movie Curly Sue, and who remembers the main character? At that time she was only 10 years old, but due to her great talent she gained popularity quite fast. And now the actress is already 40 years old.

E. Porter started her career at the age of 5. She has appeared in various movies and other well-known projects, becoming a famous actress all over the world.

It sounds incredible, but thirty years have passed since the release of the movie, and the 10-year-old curly child has become a real beauty. Recently, she turned to 40. Who can imagine!

Besides being a successful woman, she is a loving mother and wife. She has a wonderful family, and with her beloved husband she raises her two adorable children.

She takes care of herself perfectly and tries to be in her form even in her everyday life.

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