„She looks like an angel“. The most beautiful couple had shown their baby’s photos

Anna and Giga met each other in the world of fashion. The friendship turned into a big love and colleagues become wife and hubby.

Their success speaks to almost everyone. And, of course, it is normal, cause their beauty is obvious.

After a year of happy marriage, this beautiful couple has a baby girl. Her name is Eva.

She inherited her parent’s beauty and charm. Fans and followers of the model’s family fell in love with the blue eyes of this cute.

White skin, blue eyes, nice clothes, and beautiful views in photos, all help a baby collect millions of likes on the NET.

Dolce and Gabbana’s fashion room propose Anna become the „face“ of the new collection. Maybe it’s a sign that one day her baby will become a trendy model as her mother?

Only God knows what will happen in the future. The fact is Eva’s appearance amazed everyone. Her eyes melted thousands and millions of followers‘ hearts.

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