“Now everything is clear”. The unique model showed her mother

Unibrow model from Greek Sophia Hadjipanteli turned 26 this year. Her unique look and courageous photoshoots are always at the top of discussions. Hadjipanteli loves cameras, photoshoots and modeling career. She assures that just because of her unibrow she achieved this much fame.

She has millions of fans throughout the world and on social media. International love and fame became to her after a big show in 2017. She has some big contracts with Polaroid, Guess Jeans, and Dolce & Gabbana.

“Can’t understand her!”, “Is it normal to show everyone her monobrow?”

“Is someone find it beautiful?”, “She would be the number one beauty without her brow,” “They look amazing”, “But she is different from the rest. Bright and bold”

“Everything is more eccentric and eccentric”, “They are beautiful by nature, but the eyebrow spoils everything”, “what a perfect mom!”.

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