“Can’t believe”. Celebrities who’s been betrayed

Some people believe in true love. They believe in a prince and fairy-tale life, but sometimes calm and happy life can change in a minute. And beloved man would turn into one who betrayed. It’s a pity but it’s a life. Even celebrities can’t escape this sad reality.

Here is the short list of beloved, beautiful, favorite, talented, and rich women who’s been betrayed.

Monica Bellucci (54 years old) and Vincent Cassel (52 years old). He went to Tina Kunakey (21 years old)

Demi Mur (56 years old) and Ashton Kutcher (40 years old). He went to Sara Lil (31 years old)

Vanessa Paradis (46 years old) and Jonny Depp (55 years old). He went to Ember Heard (32 years old)

Naomi Campbell (48 years old) and Vladislav Doronin (56 years old). He went to Kristina Romaniva (24 years old)

Kate Beckinsale (45 years old) and Len Wiseman (45 years old). He went to CJ Franco (26 years old)

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