„Wrinkled belly, skinny look“. Here are brand-new photos of 67 years old Donatella Versace

One of the most powerful and influential women in the world become 67 this year.

Donatella Versace is always at the top of glamorous magazines and news.

And her surname is not the main reason of it. She is truly hard working person with bright ideas and willpower. For last 10 years she has tried many injections and did plastic surgeries. But, unfortunately not all the procedures turned out successful.

Here are some new photos of a business lady from her last vacation.

Followers and readers in every social media are shocked.

„What an absolutely wrinkled look“, „shame on her!“, „she must hide her wrinkled body, it a time“, „Oh, come on, let’s leave this granny alone“. Such comments I have found on the Net. Would you add something in the comments section below?

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