„It would be better to have a sit“. This is what looks like a girl who lost more than 200 kg

It’s a truly inspirational story about a girl who finally decided to change her life.

Look at this girl, who weighed more than 200 kilos. And it’s not a joke. Amber Rahdi was an ordinary girl, but she got fat for 9 years.

Her taste of eating and the routine „helped“ her to collect kilos year after year. And she did nothing to change her life cause she did not notice the whole problem. Until one day. That fateful day.

She suddenly understood that the best time of her life she spent mostly alone. Cause no one wants to go on a date with her.

Amber asked for help on a tv show. Then the big group of people started really hard work. Doctors and psychologists did a really big job.

The hard work paid off. Amber lost that awful kilo.

„What is going on?“, „She should take care of herself a long time ago“, „It’s awful“, „What is going on, how she can live for all these years with that weight?“, „Good of her! That was a long and hard way but she finally wins“, „Well, if she succeeded, maybe I should try too?“, „Bravo, doctors, and all the helping stuff“, „So happy for her. She looks pretty „.

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