“From an ordinary girl into a real Barbie”. Look at this marvelous transformation that happened in real life

While speaking about big dreams and wishes, one should take into consideration, how far you will be ready to go for it.
For example, this girl had done an unbelievable thing.

She changed not only her name in her passport but also had done dozens of operations to reach the target.

Thus, today she is Lili Morto. One of the most discussed models in the world.

She has changed eyebrows, and often wears eye contact lenses. She usually changes the color of her hair and tries something new.

She did probably everything to look like a real Barbie, and if you observe the whole transformation in her face and body you will agree that she succeeded.

What do you think about such kind if transformation? Will you be able to do something like this to reach your target?

Write your opinion below, which variation if Lili do you prefer the most?

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