„Destroyed beauty which is given by God“. Insta star amazed everyone with archive photos

There is nothing impossible for Instagram girls today. They are ready for everything just because of the number of followers.

Today’s hero is Stephanie Mulic, from Switzerland.

Since her childhood, she was a big fan of Barbie dolls. Her big dream was to be as similar to this Disney hero as possible. Her parents were sadly surprised when she did her first plastic surgery. Then it became such kind of hobby. Stephanie forgot about the quantities of survived operations and interventions.

She finally lost all her natural beauty and here is the result.

„It’s a pity to see today’s generation“, „What is going on God!“, „My Goodness she was pretty beautiful at first“, „Well, this is her decision, let’s leave her alone“, „It’s not our business to discuss what she has done“ users of the NET keep writing. Want you to add something else?

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