„7 years homeless women who keep searching to eat from bins“. Loni Willison ex- model’s situation now

There was a blonde princess, Loni, who once amazed Hollywood’s photographers and made a boom.

At the top of her career, she accidentally met another Hollywood star, famous and beloved movie star, who immediately proposed to her.

The beloved and famous couple did a big wedding party. Most of their close friends was there. They seemed happy together for a while.

Then a fairytail end up. Loni’s husband started drinking a lot. He lost herself and began to beat up his wife. Loni lost her work, long time contracts because of bruises.

Now she is a homeless woman of 39. She lost her friends, husband, home. She lost everything. But the worst thing is that she does not trust anyone. She rejects any help and assures that she is ok.
Unfortunately, photos prove otherwise.

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