„Wrinkled and dirty“. Chris Noth’s transformation is obvious

Tap five if you liked and waited unpationately for the new series of „Sex and the City“.

One of the major heroes from that nominated and beloved movie is Chris Noth.

There was a time when this actor was at the top of discussions. More than a million fans throughout the world fell in love with him.

His charisma and charm, his talent and accent, hairstyle, and way of clothing were the things for admiration.

But take a look at him today.

Wrinkled, gray, with a heavyweight. He even walks with the walking stick.

After two big sex scandals concerning with actor’s colleagues and even an unknown woman, this actor stopped his career. It seems sometimes that he vanished from Hollywood and forgot his staring times and life of a famous and beloved one.

„It’s a pity!“, „What a look!“, „I remember that time when I adored him.“, „Time flies so fast, here is an ordinary old man 68 years old“.

Do you want to add something below this last and probably rare photos? We will wait.

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