“What an incredible resemblance”. New photos of Versace mother and daughter had been shared on the Net

We are going to tell you not a fairy tail about a princess, who was born in a rich and happy family, but a strong woman who exactly knows what she wants from this life.

Meet please, Donatella Versace, a 67 years old model and creative director of the Italian brand Versace. She did her best for becoming nor a partner but a director of family business. She always works hard to be in top. She has close relationship not only with a half of the Hollywood but also the other part of a star and popular faces of show business throughout the world.

She has 2 children. Allegra, 36 years old daughter of business lady will probably heritage all family business and deals.

She prefers the life as her mother live. The same friends, the same routine. She even do make up like her mother. As you can see their resemblance is incredible. They both look like strong, powerful and probably a little bit wild, don’t they?

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