„They look a lot like Enrique“. Rare photos of Iglesias and Kournikova’s children had appeared on the Net

There is nothing better than Enrique Iglesias‘ voice and songs. His way of telling love stories always melts a thousand hearts of fans throughout the world.

Star family members prefer to keep in secret their children’s lives.

However stubborn paparazzi always try to not lose an opportunity to take some photos.

Here is some new photos from Iglesias’s family. He has 3 children and they all are very similar to their father.

But wait, their big daughter is looks a lot like Anna ex-tennis champion, amazing wife and kind mother of her.

„What a happy family!“, „What a lucky chance to see them all together!“, „They do right. There is no place in front of cameras for little girls“, „Oh come on, they are so sweet, we will miss them probably, they should take some special photo shoots for fans“, „it doesn’t matter whether they want or not, star’s children will always be on the top of discussions and attention.“

Such comments we found below the last photos of Mary, Nicholas and Lucy. Want you add something else?

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