“They had seen together”. This is what look like Luc Besson’s family now

A French movie director Luc Besson turned 64. But his active life and chasing new skirts are still at the top.

He started his career back in 1981. Since that year he has produced more than 20 films.

Luc tries his power, charm, and magic also as an actor. His charisma amazed every woman in his around.

And there is also a big fact, that in its turn producer, director, and the actor can’t miss any skirt. He always gets caught by the cameras with new musa and lovers.

Anyway, one woman managed to make him a family man.

Of course, she knows about his famous husband’s affairs. But they are married since 2004. And this strong woman does everything it keeps her family ok. This couple has 3 children.

Fans and followers used to think that the elder daughter will go in the steps of her parent and soon will become a new powerful, fashionable, popular, and beloved model and actress.

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