„She will go ahead“. Deva Cassel’s new photos had shown on the NET

An 18 years old young girl, whos name is Deva admire totally everyone.

Being an elder daughter of famous and beloved Monica Belucci and Vencant Cassel, she will probably win the hearts of million of fans and followers throughout the world.

She had a little experience in the world of fashion shows and special trending photo shoots.

Here are some new photos, which raised a wave of discussions.

„What a pretty girl she is!“, „Already 18!“, „Wow what a brave photo session!“, „I like her!“, „She will totally become new heartbreaker after her mother“, „What a look!“.

„“She looks much elder on this photos!“, „Why are you so serious, dear?“, „Is it an ordinary photo shoot or she hurried a little?“, „It’s a pity, seeing her this much open, without any shy“.

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