„Here is the love of my life“. Paris Hilton showed her baby boy Phoenix

A 42 year old actress, top model and designer finally became a mother. Yes, dear followers it finally happens. Paris Hilton is officially a young and happy mother now.

His baby boy became to this world with the help of a surrogate.

He is already a 2, 5 month baby. His name is Phoenix and her star mother decided to show him to everyone.

Paris has also en elder daughter. This girl is actress‘ husband child, but Paris do everything for her.

For model and designer it was a big desire to have her own child. This here is the result. Paris did a heart-touching photo shoot with her baby. She won’t hide his face from fans and followers. Hommy photo shoot admire everyone on the NET.

„What an amazing couple!“, „What cute pictures!“, „They are so adorable!“, „Oh come on, they are so sweet, though Paris is almost 42!“, „Finally she did it!“, „What a great news!“, „We are so happy for them!“ wrote followers below desinger’s photos.

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