„He becomes unrecognizable“. Jack Nicholson’s rare photo appeared on the NET

This post we dedicated to the most vivid and popular, talented actor in Hollywood. Meet, please, Jack Nicholson.

It has been known that he suffered from dementia for some years already.

Back in his top career, he played roles of the main heroes who suffers from different diseases but this time it’s not an ordinary role, not a scene, not cameras.

But the real life. He finished his career and lives far away from the paparazzi, crowded places, and famous friends.

The actor’s son and daughter take care of him carefully. They don’t miss a thing. They also prefer to spend all their time with beloved, old, and sick father.

„Can’t believe he is also sick“, „No, it’s not fair!“, „Please, live a long life dear actor“, „It’s a pity“, „Can’t see him this way“, „He becomes unrecognizable“, „Dearest Jack! We will miss you. Already miss.“, „Who could ever imagine?“.

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